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Keep up to date with your favorite new age items with help from Crystal Peddler. When it comes to trustworthy new age wholesale suppliers, look to our company to offer the highest-quality products for competitive pricing. Our vast assortment new age products is sure to provide your store a unique collection your customers will love. We offer our customers wholesale pricing and easy registration with their retail license number and TAX ID.

Whether you need wholesale chime candles, sage bundles wholesale, new age crystals, or more, our assortment of fine quality imports and home décor items are always being updated to ensure we offer you the latest selection of unique goods to broaden your collection. Contact us today at 1 (800) 827-3223 or info@crystalpeddler.com if you have any questions regarding your current order or our new customer registration process. New items are added monthly in many different categories, from crystal suncatchers, hanging crystals, sacred statuary, herbal items, home décor, and more.

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4" Baby Rosemary Smudge Bundle (10 pk)
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White Sage/Eucalyptus bundle, Smudge, ceremony, Crystal Peddler
4" Baby WHITE Sage/Eucalyptus (10pc)
Price: Register for Pricing
White sage/Rose 4
4" Baby WHITE Sage/Rose (10pc)
Price: Register for Pricing
Desert Sage/ Rose Smudge bundle, Sage, Crystal Peddler
3" Baby DESERT Sage / ROSE (10pcs)
Price: Register for Pricing
Cedar Smudge Wand 9
9" CEDAR Wand
Price: Register for Pricing
CDHLR - Crystal Heart REFILL Package Large
Price: Register for Pricing
DESERT Sage / Dragon's Blood Wand - 9"
Price: Register for Pricing
Desert Sage Rose Wand
DESERT Sage / Rose Wand - 9"
Price: Register for Pricing
Palo Santo Burner, Crystal Peddler
Palo Santo Ceramic Burner
Price: Register for Pricing
Palo Santo Cones-6pk, Crystal Peddler
Palo Santo Wood - Incense Cones - 6pks
Price: Register for Pricing
CDL - Crystal Display Large (UNIT ONLY)
Price: Register for Pricing
Pearl Clam Shell Wholesale, Crystal Peddler
Radiant Pearl Clam Shell 5-6"
Price: Register for Pricing
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