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Kuan Yin Standing - Porcelain - Dripping Water - 23"
Kuan Yin Standing - Porcelain - Drips Water - 23" -
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Detailed Description

Kuan Yin Standing - Porcelain - Drips Water - 23".

This elegant, hand made Porcelain Kuan Yin can be used as a statue or can drip water. Kuan Yin is the goddess of mercy and compassion. She drips water (blessings) from her never empty flask of mercy and compassion into the Dragon's mouth. Dragons are the protectors of the earth. So she drips blessings one by one, drop by drop, onto the earth reminding us to acknowledge our blessings.

This is gravity fed. Put 1 cup of water into the dragon's mouth and then turn her upside down. The water will flow into a cavity in her torso allowing her to drip water from her flask at her waist. When it is done just turn her over again to repeat.

These are very well packed in a wooden box with brocade covering. It's a stunning center piece to any altar or sacred space!