Gemstone Offering Handouts


Gemstone Offering HANDOUTS

Gemstone Offering Handouts

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  Magic Egg - Small (6pc)  - Magic Egg - Small (2")(6pc)
  Large 2" Puffy Gemstone Hearts - Rose Quartz (12pcs) Temporarily Out of Stock. - Large Rose Quartz Puffy Hearts (2"). One dozen.
  Gemstone Offering Bottles - Temporarily Out of Stock. - Mini corked bottle filled with precious gemstones (assorted bottles filled with various types of gemstones)
  Gemstone Offering DISPLAY Package- Temporarily Out of Stock. - Gemstone Offerings DISPLAY Package. Includes 72 assorted gemstone bottles, basket display with header, & informational handouts.
  Magic Hearts (3pc) - Temporarily Out of Stock - 2 inch opalescent Magic Hearts that dance with the light.(3pc)
  Large 2" Puffy Gemstone Hearts - Assorted (12pcs) - Temporarily Out of Stock - Large Puffy Hearts (2"). One dozen assorted gemstones hearts.
  Tumbled Gemstones Mix - 1lb - Temporarily Out of Stock - One pound of mixed tumbled gemstones. Approx. 75-100/lb.
  Gemstone Offering HANDOUTS - Gemstone Offering Handouts
  Natural Quartz Points - 1lb  - One pound of Quartz Points - Brazilian or Tibetan Qtz
  Magic Egg - Large (6pc)  - Magic Egg - Large (3")(6pc)
  Magic Egg - Handout - Magic Egg Handout


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