50mm Gazing Ball - 10 Colors to select from

Gazing Ball, Crystal Ball, Crystal

Gazing Ball 50mm - 10 Colors

50mm Gazing Ball Gazing Ball 50mm - Aurora Borealis Gazing Ball 50mm - Alexandrite Gazing Ball 50mm - Aqua Gazing Ball 50mm - Black Gazing Ball 50mm - Clear Gazing Ball 50mm - Cobalt Blue Gazing Ball 50mm - Emerald Gazing Ball 50mm - Rose Gazing Ball 50mm - Ruby Gazing Ball 50mm - Sapphire

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  Gazing Stand - Fancy Stand Gold (50mm +) - Fancy Stand for gazing Ball Gold (50mm+)
  Gazing Stand - Fancy Stand Silver (50mm +) - Fancy Stand for gaziing Ball Silver (50mm+)
  Gazing Stand - Crystal Faceted Round (50mm+) - Crystal Gazing Ball Stand Faceted Round (50mm+)
  Mini Candleholder - Amethyst Round (4pk or 24pk) Temporarily Out of Stock - Amethyst Round Glass Mini Candleholder (4pk or 24 pk)
  Gazing Ball 60mm - 5 Colors - 60mm Gazing Ball - 5 Colors to select from
  Gazing Ball 80mm - 5 Colors - 80mm Gazing Ball - 5 Colors to select from
  Mini Candleholder - Reversible Crystal (4pk or 24pk) - Reversible Crystal Glass Candleholder - designed to fit both mini candles & standard tapers. (4pk or 24 pk)
  Mini Candleholder - Cobalt Blue Star (4pk or 24pk)  - Cobalt Blue Star Glass Mini Candleholder (4pk or 24 pk)
  Gazing Ball 110mm - 2 colors - 110mm Clear Gazing Ball - Clear or Amethyst
  Gazing Ball 130mm - Clear  - 130mm Clear Gazing Ball
  Gazing Ball 150mm - Clear  - 150mm Clear Gazing Ball


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