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Porcupine "Quill"
Porcupine "Quill"
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Detailed Description

LC137  "Quill" Porcupine

Quill is a porcupine serving an important part of the ecosystem. Usually foraging on the ground for shoots and berries, but also able to climb trees, he is always on the hunt for a snack. Most porcupines have over 30, 000 quills, which is where he got his name. Porcupines typically live in trees; they make a den by eating the bark and burrowing in. When they move to a new tree they leave behind a wonderful new home for birds to nest. Quill would make for a great new friend! 

Little Critterz are miniature, hand-painted porcelain collectibles less than 2" high. All are packaged in a peggable, crystal clear recyclable gift box. 

Counter and floor displays are available,  choose your favorite ones or we can help you with best sellers or a custom assortment. See displays here.

Little Critterz has a minimum of $100 and minimum of 3 per style. Cannot be combined with other lines for purposes of meeting minimum.

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