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HC - ES21 - Komodo Dragon
ES21 - Komodo Dragon
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Detailed Description

HC-ES21 - Komodo Dragon. Not only is the Komodo Dragon the largest living lizard, but it is actually the largest land lizard that ever lived. The Dragon, the largest of the monitor lizard family, can grow up to 10 feet in length and weigh as much as 300 pounds. They prefer to eat carrion but they will also catch deer, monkeys and other small mammals. The Dragon is well known for its feats of gluttony, but it cannot smell as we do and it constantly flicks its tongue in and out to test the air for scents. The Dragon is endangered by overhunting on Komodo and on the other Pacific islands on which it is found.

Features beautifully carved pendant that is one of twenty seven species that are either endangered or at risk. Highconcepts makes story-carded, recycled, American Made, leadfree pewter pendants. Each pendant comes with a display card that has the characteristics of each animal and the reason they are endangered. MINIMUM order is 3 pcs per style chosen.

Highconcepts has a $100 minimum and cannot be combined with Light Stones items to meet either minimum.