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Kangaroo Rat "Fresno"
Kangaroo Rat "Fresno"
Price: $0.00

Detailed Description

LC138 - Kangaroo Rat "Fresno"

Fresno is a small, furry, rodent who is a master of dessert survival. They are able to reduce the amount of water their body needs to survive and although they eat mostly seeds and dried vegetation, they really rarely drink liquid water. While Kangaroo rats look like mice, and name make you think they are like a kangaroo, their closest animal relative is a gopher. There little cuties can fit in the palm of your hand, full grown! 

Little Critterz are miniature, hand-painted porcelain collectibles less than 2" high. All are packaged in a peggable, crystal clear recyclable gift box. 

Counter displays are available, carry them all or choose a custom assortment. See displays here.

Little Critterz has a minimum of $100 and minimum of 3 per style. Cannot be combined with other items for purposes of meeting minimum.

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