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Acrylic Hummingbirds - Peacock Colors -Asst - 6pc
Hummingbirds - Acrylic - Peacock Colors -3" Asst - 6pc
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Detailed Description

Hummingbirds - Acrylic - Peacock Colors -3" Asst - 6pc

These stunning acrylic hummingbirds are incredibly well done and have truly amazing colors. They come in blue/purples and greens with clear iridescent bellies, in a 6 set. Their colors change with the light. Even though we specialize in crystal, this is one of the prettiest things we've seen in a long time.

Very, very well done! We are so confident that you'll like them, if you don't like them when you get them we will take them all back - no partial returns. (We haven't had any returns yet)

Hummingbirds have been said to bring messages from the Divine and represent inspiration and hope.

FOR A LIMITED TIME YOU CAN ORDER A 2pc SET FOR $7.00 AS A SAMPLE..(Just mention it in the notes at the end of your order - CODE - HUM2)-

LOOK at all images.

Crystal Peddler has a $75 minimum.