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Gray Fox " Climber"
Gray Fox "Climber"
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Detailed Description

LC143  "Climber" Gray Fox 

Climber is a gray fox who loves to frolic and play with his littermates.  Climber is able to scale up trees and can jump from branch to branch to hunt or hide. Unfortunately gray foxes are hunted for their beautiful fur, and because of their smaller size they are hunted by larger carnivores. Luckily they're are lots of these climbing beauties in North America. 

Little Critterz are miniature, hand-painted porcelain collectibles less than 2" high. All are packaged in a peggable, crystal clear recyclable gift box. 

Counter and floor displays are available,  choose your favorite ones or we can help you with best sellers or a custom assortment. See displays here.

Little Critterz has a minimum of $100 and minimum of 3 per style. Cannot be combined with other lines for purposes of meeting minimum.

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