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HC - ES02 - Elephant
ES02 - African Elephant
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Detailed Description

HC-ES02 - African Elephant. Elephants are probably the most obviously publicized of all the endangered species. There are extensive conversation programs in place today, as well as many trade restrictions. One of the elephant’s most distinctive characteristics, its tusks, have made it very difficult to control poachers and the sale of ivory. African elephants differ from their Asian cousins in that their tusks and ears are much larger. African bull elephants can reach a height of 12’ and weigh over 12,000 lbs.

Features beautifully carved pendant that is one of twenty seven species that are either endangered or at risk. Highconcepts makes story-carded, recycled, American Made, leadfree pewter pendants. Each pendant comes with a display card that has the characteristics of each animal and the reason they are endangered. MINIMUM order is 3 pcs per style chosen.

Highconcepts has a $100 minimum and cannot be combined with Light Stones items to meet either minimum.