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Meditation Incense Cups - Dragons Blood - (6pc) - 3pks-
Meditation Incense Cups - Dragon's Blood - (6pc) - 3pks
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Detailed Description

Meditation Incense Cups - Dragon's Blood - (6pc) - 3 packs of 6 cups with incense and metal incense burner.

Directions: Tilt the cup and light from any top of the sidebar using a match stick or candle for 5 to 10 seconds or until the cup stays lit. As cup starts to burn, place on metallic or earthen base on a fire-proof surface in a well ventilated area. You can place incense cup in cauldron or incense burner and blow out flame in order to scatter the fragrance.

You can use the Dragon's Blood Incense for protection in your spiritual ceremony with Meditation incense cups! Available in practice over thousands of years, this Meditation Incense Cup is one of the best spiritual tools to enhance intuition and bring positivity in your surroundings. Our aromatic incense cups will reduce your stress and remove the negativity within a few minutes of burning. The Dragon's Blood incense is used for protection, banishing negativity, enhancing sexuality and healing. The Meditation Incense Cups are dedicated to offer protection, blessings, and cleansing spirit thereby improving your mental strength. This harmless, non-toxic cups burns with minimal smoke bringing in positivity and peace into space. They can also be used for cleansing a home, building, a person and most commonly used in rites!

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